JBM Translations | Specializations
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Fields of Specialization

Our translation services are carried out within five distinct language categories. Take a look at some of the fields and text types we work with in each.


Technical fields: Industrial manufacturing, engineering, medicine and medical technology, chemistry, product packaging, software, commercial lighting, printing, automotive industry, aviation, transportation, construction, & more.

Text types: User guides, instruction manuals, safety procedures, technical specifications, operating instructions, product labels, data sheets, research reports, cook books, technical diagrams, scientific analyses…


Specialized fields: Legal, government and politics, cyber security, finance, business, media and press, retail, textile industry, health care, energy and environment, mining, waste management, specialized sports, agriculture, & more.

Text types: Legal contracts, insurance policies, press releases, political speeches, government communications, health and safety regulations, field reports, informed consent forms, treatment protocols, business plans…


Creative fields: Print and digital advertising, marketing, television, film, social media, fashion, design, literature, & more.

Text types: Campaign content, ads, television scripts, tag lines and slogans, brochures, pamphlets, marketing pitches, company tweets, blogs, book publications, magazines, newspaper articles…


Any materials that do not require specialized knowledge or extensive research

General fields: Human resources, education, food and restaurant industry, administration, hospitality, fundraising, arts & culture, tourism & more.

Text types: General customer information, public announcements, interoffice memos, performance reviews, travel guides, course content, meeting minutes, surveys, newsletters, progress reports, company profiles, FAQ…

For Individuals

Text types: Resumes, cover letters, personal ads, letters, essays, theses, presentations, public speaking material, legal letters, thank you letters, website content, documents for small businesses…