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Translation & Language Services


Machines translate words…humans translate meaning. Quality translation is about conveying the essence, tone and true meaning of an original source text. It requires going beyond the literal words on the page and this is what we do best. Our sharp-minded team of qualified translators each work within their specialized field and have mastered the valuable skill that is producing equivalent and accurate translations. Quality translation in our eyes is invaluable. While a good translation goes unnoticed, a bad translation is usually detected instantly by a native speaker and it can seriously affect your credibility as a company or individual.

This is why we make significant efforts to monitor consistency, coherence, clarity in meaning and balance throughout the entire translation process. These are some of the core characteristics that distinguish a good translation from a bad translation.

After the text is translated, it is carefully revised to ensure accuracy and quality both at the micro and macro level. This is a key step that is always included in our translation services. While we are carrying out translation requests, we encourage clients to contact us at any time for a status update or for any thoughts or questions they may have. We value open and clear communication and are attentive to our client’s needs. Our straightforward business approach paired with the quality and convenience of our services make JBM Translations a valuable tool you can rely on and an innovative player in the global translation market.

Revision & proofreading

JBM offers quick document proofreading, in-depth revision, and the correction of previously-translated content. We improve content at all levels depending on how thorough you need us to be. From simple spelling mistakes, to grammatical and syntactical issues such as dangling modifiers, run-on sentences and faulty parallelism, we have the expert knowledge that is needed to truly improve a text in the eyes of your reader.

We also create individualized term banks for clients who must be consistent with terminology to adhere to their company’s style, image or personal preference. This service extends to all technical, specialized, general and creative fields.


Precision, speed and accuracy are key to successful transcribing and we make these our top priorities when carrying out transcription projects. Send us your audio, audiovisual or video content and we can provide you with the following:

  • an accurate verbatim transcription
  • a non-verbatim transcription
  • a concise summary
  • a simultaneous translation

JBM Translations caters to your specific transcription needs and always ensures you meet your deadline. Types of content we transcribe include but are not limited to interviews, TV footage, speeches, meetings, conference calls and legal proceedings.


Use our localization services to reach any language market in the world. Adapt your content to not only reach the right locale but to connect with its people on a native level. Depending on your business objectives, we can help you reach your target culture at three levels:

  • Linguistic (dialects, expressions, idioms, spelling, connotation…)
  • Functional (date and time formats, units of measurement, local regulations…)
  • Cultural (religious beliefs, symbols, etiquette, humour, images, colours, societal values, customs and traditions…)

Our localization projects range from marketing campaigns to medical texts and everything in between. Whether you need a French text adapted for a Quebec audience or an American English text adapted for the UK, we make sure your content has the same intended impact in your chosen target market. Let JBM maximize your cultural appeal to help you grow and succeed beyond your borders.